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"His name is Chip Wilson, and this guy, he plays crazy good."
Chris Rose, Times-Picayune Columnist John Swenson, Offbeat Magazine Music Writer

"...intensely expressive voice...beautiful playing...I find this record strangely addictive..."
John Swenson, Offbeat Magazine Music Writer

"Cascades of sound erupt as furiously propulsive basslines throb behind his high, ghostly vocals. 
Chip is radiating pleasure through the back room…A packed house erupts in applause after every tune."

Marc Stone, Offbeat Magazine Music Writer

"Wilson is the real deal."  "He boasts a fluid touch, a deep understanding of his instrument's dynamics…and a vast repertoire."

Scott Jordan, Gambit Weekly Music Write

"He's got that sweet voice that effortlessly floats into falsetto and guitar work that makes even non-guitarists gasp and blink…connecting with the audience with style, humility and warmth."
George Thomas, Public Radio Deejay

"Real magic when he steps to the microphone…prodigious talent."

Aaron Wilkinson, Pensacola News Journal

"Wilson fits well into the lineage of New Orleans musics."
John Radinovich, Offbeat Magazine Music Writer

"With Chip, you don't need another guitar.  He's a monster."
Jesse Moore, Singer/Songwriter/Actor, from an article by The Times-Picayune music writer Keith Spera

" of the most skilled, most versatile, and most in-demand guitarists on the local scene."
Dean M. Shapiro,

"Chip Wilson is best known in and around New Orleans as the former guitar luthier who extracts supreme sounds from the instrument he once made a living producing."
Craig Cortello, All About Jazz

"New Orleanian Wilson is a phenomenal guitarist...a stunning blend of country blues and earthy's slightly sad that such an inspired, moving artist doesn't have a national spotlight."
Michael J. West, All About Jazz

"...six string mastery...exceptional songwriting sensitivities..."
Craig Cortello, Where Y'At Magazine